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Twi Learning Center Ghana

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The next class starts on November 10th, 2023

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Who are we?

Twi Learning Center Ghana was established to teach the Twi and Fante language in a structured and efficient manner. Twi is the widely spoken local language in Ghana as well as Fante and therefore plays an important role in Ghanaian culture. No matter which stage you are in your learning journey, we have the right package for you.

We have:

  • Dedicated Tutors
  • Well designed virtual and non-virtual courses
  • Group or self-paced 1-1 courses
We will make your dream of learning  Twi and Fante a reality.
+ Monthly Visitors
+ Happy Students

What we do

At Twi Learning Center Ghana, we teach you how to speak the Twi and Fante language from Beginner level.
  1. Twi for Kids (5-12 Years)
  2. Twi for Beginners
  3. Twi for Basic Conversational words
  4. Twi for Travellers
  5. Fante for Kids (5-12 Years)
  6. Fante for Beginners
  7. Fante for Basic Conversational words
  8. Fante for Travellers

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ list is designed to answer some of the more common questions, you may have.

Testimonies from Our Students

“Joining the Twi Learning Center is one of the best decision I took when I made in mind of learning the Twi language.. I am learning Twi plus about Ghana's culture and food. I am also learning how to sound local. I appreciate Emmanuel's patience and dedication to teaching Twi”

Cassandra Smith

“I've found the Twi Learning Center to be an incredible resource for Twi education. In just a short few weeks I saw a remarkable improvement in my Twi. The instructors are highly professional and make the learning process relaxing and fun. Additionally, they are highly accommodating of my busy schedule and are very flexible with lesson times. To all my fellow Ghanaians in the diaspora looking to improve their Twi, look no further than Twi Learning Center! Me da mo ase..”


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